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Welcome to Hospice Family Care

Welcome to Hospice Family Care (HFC), Huntsville and Madison County’s only not-for-profit hospice. HFC provides care and support for terminally-ill patients and their families. Hospice care is not limited to patients with a cancer diagnosis. Our services are available for anyone with a terminal disease.

A recent study reports that hospice care may prolong the lives of some terminally-ill patients. Hospice care is based on the belief that comfort and quality-of-life at the end of a terminal illness are of utmost importance. The study suggests that the hospice method of care may be affecting the length of life for some patients.


New Volunteer Program

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” ~The Golden Rule We welcome your involvement as a community volunteer. You may choose to join as an individual or to register your group. No formal screening… Read More

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When is a patient ready for hospice?

In order to help make this determination, Hospice Family Care offers this guide as a convenient reference for hospice eligibility.  To view this resource, click here.

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Forrest Briggs on end of life issues

This past January, HFC Executive Director Forrest Briggs was featured in the Hospice Source magazine discussing hospice education, end of life issues, and exciting opportunities for HFC in the future.  Briggs states, “Hospice doesn’t take away hope, we… Read More

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